We've been in JP since 2006  


why share?

The space is located at the Children's Music Center of J.P., in our loft-like 750 square-foot studio.  So, why are we sharing our space?

We are often approached by small businesses, groups, and musicians seeking affordable space.

Sharing our space allows us to focus on specific programs which our families most want, while allowing our space to be used by others when we are not there.

Between new businesses growing, our community thriving, and our space being used when we're not in it, we think it's a win-win-win!     

A bit about the space:

• approximately 750 square feet of carpeted space
• parking lot and unrestricted street parking
• vibrant building with restaurant & cafe
• T accessible (Orange Line)
• a coat and shoe area
• folding chairs available
• a sizable hallway/waiting area with some chairs
• elevator
• men's and women's restrooms nearby
• HVAC system
• regularly tuned upright piano
• large room divider