How does it work if I am offering a program for which Iā€™d like to first offer a demonstration class?

Answer:  If you plan to run a demonstration class, you are probably best off renting at regular rate for your first class. If your program runs after this, you will enjoy lower hourly rates with the quarterly pricing option.  

What if I rent with the 12-week discounted option and then need to cancel my ongoing rental?

Answer: Quarterly rentals may be canceled with 30 days notice, and you will be provided with a refund of all remaining rental funds after that.

What is the maximum number of people the space accommodates?

We can accommodate groups of up to 20 people in our space (this number is higher if including young children or infants). Please inquire about your situation.

How late in the evening can we rent the space?

The space is available M - F until 10pm, and Saturday & Sunday until 8pm.  We also have morning and mid-day hours available. Contact us for availability.

Can I rent the space for a party and serve food or drinks?

For events which involve serving food or drinks, we require one of our staff members to be present in the building and assist with set-up and clean-up (including trash removal). Therefore, rental rates for these types of events are different. Please inquire for more information about event rentals.

Can I store supplies or equipment there?

We do not have space for subtenants to store equipment or supplies.

If I am running a music program, can I use the Center's supplies and equipment?

Our music class supplies and equipment are available for use by other programs, at a low quarterly rental fee (to cover normal wear-and-tear);  our piano is available for ongoing use by teachers and musicians for a low quarterly fee (which contributes to keeping the piano tuned and maintained).Please contact us for more details.

When does my ongoing rental contract commence if I have paid my quarterly rent but have not started using the space yet?

Your ongoing rental contract starts the first day you use the space, and runs for 12 consecutive weeks.

Can I stop and start my ongoing rental (for instance, if my program is canceled due to snow or a holiday)?

Quarterly rentals with the discounted rate are considered ongoing, and we cannot prorate for non-use of the room, with the exception of holidays or days of inclement weather for which Boston Public Schools are canceled or the city has declared a weather emergency. If you must cancel a day due to either of these reasons, we can carry that rental fee forward as a credit toward your next quarter.

How do I pay my rent?

We take checks, or credit cards.  All payments must be received prior to rental taking place.  We request that checks be received 3 business days in advance, and credit card payments can be made up to 24 hours in advance of rental. We can either set up a credit card payment link for you on our website, or we can take credit cards on-site.

How do I access the space?  Am I given a key?

The key to our space is kept in a lock box outside of the Center.  Active subtenants are kept updated with the current code to access the lock box.

What about liability insurance?

Renters who are running programs, classes, or providing bodywork in the space are not covered under CMCJP's liability insurance policy, and must sign a waiver acknowledging this.  We recommend that you carry professional liability insurance.  These policies can be obtained for as little as $20/month. 


More FAQ's coming soon.  Have a question you don't see answered here?  Contact us.